Using the Calendar


Another option for browsing through content is the Calendar.  The Calendar feature can be accessed from the main navigation. Just click on the "Menu" icon and then select "Calendar" to view a month-by-month list of key events including birthdays, holidays, and historical dates. 




When viewing the Calendar page, users will see the current month expanded to show all results.


The previous and next month can be accessed using the options to the left and right of the current month, at the top of the calendar.


Each event is represented by an image and also displays the name of the event and the corresponding date. For events that span the entire month, no specific date is displayed. 


Once users locate an event that they are interested in, they can simply click on that event to view a list of titles that relate to the event. From the list, users can find and view individual titles or segments using the available filters. 


The Calendar feature provides educators a way to locate content related to key events to be used in lessons or assignments. 


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