AVOD App for Android and iOS


The Access Video On Demand App is now here for both Android and iOS!

Click the link below to download and share a printer-friendly, quick guide PDF:

Access Video On Demand Download Instructions



   QR codes to scan




About the App

High-quality videos & clips 24/7 via Infobase sign-in using your existing credentials or library card. (An Access Video On Demand subscription is needed to use the app.)

The Access Video On Demand app offers effortless navigation. Search or browse from more than 1,200 outstanding producers and more than 35 subject categories with our intuitive interface. Stream thousands of high-quality videos that complement and enhance your library’s content offerings for free—without ads—through your library. Access Video On Demand app delivers exceptional content from around the world to your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are!

Feature Highlights

• Resume watching previously viewed videos where you left off
• All-inclusive subscription access—one fixed price independent of viewership
• Closed Captioning available
• Slider syncing between the mobile app and desktop version
• View videos on the go, anytime, anywhere
• New, diverse content added regularly


Where can I find the app on my Android device?

1. Go to the Google Play Store on your device and do a search for "Access Video On Demand" OR "AVOD"

Google Play Store Logo:




The AVOD App logo in the search results:




2. Click Install



After clicking "Install" the first time, it may ask you if you want to also install it on your connected devices. Check off the devices you want to install the app on and click "Install" again.  




Once installed, you will see a button to open the app.




Where can I find the app on my iOS device?

1. Go to the App Store on your iOS device and do a search for "Access Video On Demand."  Searching for just AVOD will not bring up any results, this will be working in the near future.

App Store Logo:



2. Click "Get" on the search results page:



3. Click "Get" again and the app will download and be ready for use.




Logging In

In order to use the AVOD App, you (your library) must be subscribed and you can log in using the existing credentials that you've already created to use the website previously on a computer or your library card barcode number to create a new account. Please note: your library must have barcode authentication set up directly with Infobase for the barcode option to work.


If you do not have existing credentials and your library subscribes to the app, you can create an account using your library card number.

1. Click "Create Account"

2. Click "Find Library"




3. Type in the name of your library and select it.  If it doesn't come up, please contact your library and make sure they are subscribed to Access Video On Demand.




4.  Enter your library card number and click "Next"




5. Follow the steps for your new account creation and click "Sign up."  You're now ready to use the AVOD app!




**Please Note**  If you login using a valid library card number and getting an error message, please talk to your library admin.  If you don't have a barcode enabled in your admin portal, this login method will not work.  An admin will need to enable barcode authentication. If that's not an option, you can create an account from a computer and then use those credentials to login to the app.


Using the App


From the homepage, you can view our scrollable, featured titles banner on the top of the page and the active sliders in your account.  The sliders can be customized by an admin account within the Admin portal.  If an admin makes changes on their computer, those changes will also reflect in the app.




New Continue Watching Feature!

Need to press pause and come back to a title? Next time you log back in, you'll see you title under "Continue Watching" and you can start right where you left off.

From the homepage you also have access to the following pages:

  • Search
  • Browse
  • My Content
  • My Account

Please read on for more information about about each of those pages!


Search Page

Use the search bar to type in a search term or phrase.



Would you like to narrow your search results? To quickly find the exact content that you're looking for, please use our filter feature. If you want to clear your filters and start over, click "Reset" on the top right.  See our filter options below.




Browse Page

From the browse page, you can filter by all of our producers or select a Popular Producer.




My Content Page

Have you ever created a playlist on your computer and saved it to your My Content folder? If so, you will be able to view it here and sort by Newest, Oldest, A-Z or Z-A.





On the Account page, you can:

  • Enable Autoplay
  • Enable Continuous Play
  • Give us Feedback
  • Logout









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